Is social media the new billboard for booze?

Billboards, booze and the footy season – you can now add social media into that dangerous mix.  Go to the second story down in the essentials column at   I’ll be interested in people’s views, as I know we have a communications person who works in the alcohol industry.   What amazes is the number of tweets posted in a six month period – 286!  They are obviously focusing on the social aspects of social marketing, and the best environment in which to spread the good news about the booze.

Is the use of alcohol in social marketing as acceptable as any other fast moving consumer good, or should there be special exceptions for a product, which if not used properly, can be lethal in a number of ways?  I’m expecting some fierce comments on this topic.  IanMc


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Guess who’s been a naughty boy then?

Despite it being one of the most odious terms of the last century, the headline “Spin doctor silenced’ caught my eye in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.  Apparently the person who looks after social media in the Immigration Department has been ‘silenced’ by the Abbot government.  Apparently he had a combative presence.

If you are working in communications at the top governmental level in this country, how combative do you think you are allowed to be – and get away with it?  I also wonder whether the desire to only “focus on good stories” is just a little bit optimistic given the number of boats heading this way?  Is silence golden when you want to rock the boats?  Ian Mc